Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Top 6 DVDs for a Girls Night In.

Night in with the girls and want a small break from having a goss? Here are the perfect DVDs to fill that gap that will have you, laughing, crying, bitching and singing away till your hearts content. - Note - this does not contain the film "The Notebook" like the majority, I mixed it up a wee bit!

top row - Coyote Ugly, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Mean Girls
bottom row - Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, P.s I Love You

Coyote Ugly
Right so anyone that says they've watched this and didn't like , then I am speechless for a change. This films about a girl called Violet (Piper Perabo) who wants to chase her dreams of becoming a singer and moves out of her home she shares with her Dad to pursue her career. On the way she ends up working in a club and becomes an infamous "Coyote" and on the way she finds the love of her life within "Mr" Kevin O'Donnell. She conquers her stage fright to show everyone what she's made of and in a film full of ups and downs it's sure to make you and your friends want to hit the town after watching it, and you'll be oozing to dance on the bars and look for your own Mr O'Donnell (well, if you don't already have one that is). Oh, and with LeAnn Rimes cameo in the look out for some of her hit songs!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
During this rom-com prepare for you sides and jaws to be aching with laughter! With two big names in the acting world taking the lead roles (Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) in the film they do it complete justice, the plot of the film? Ben (Matthew) makes a bet that he can make any woman fall in love with him in 10 days, the woman? Andie (Kate) works for a magazine were she's going to feature an article "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" every possible way to put a man off wanting a second date, when they start dating unbeknown to them they are working against each other, in the battle of the sexes who will come out the winner? Will they find out each others game plan? fall in love? or maybe even both? Must watch and see! - best for those wanting to laugh uncontrollably.

Mean Girls
Okay so at a girls night in there's sure to be some "bitching" of some sort going on (I know you do it, don't try kid me on). Anyway, this film set in a high school is full of bitchy girls "The Plastics" who recruit Cady (Lindsay Lohan - pre crazy days) who just happens to be against them and pulling pranks left right and centre, that is until she's roped in and becomes "one of them". All is well until she sets her sights on Aaron (Jonathan Bennett) who just so happens to be the "head plastic" Regina's (Rachel McAdams) ex boyfriend and as you can imagine all hell breaks loose. Can Cady turn things around? I can guarantee by the end of this you'll have either placed yourself in one of the "cliques" or half way through already creating your own "burn book" with your girls! (last one not recommended, did you learn nothing from the film?!).

Mamma Mia
All singing, all dancing film perfect for those keen for a sing-a-long in the hope your neighbours aren't sleeping through the wall to you! You will no doubt know of the songs in this film as they are all ABBA songs. Again a film with an amazing five star cast Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Julie Walters - the list is endless. The story is about Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who is living on a Greek island with her mum Donna (Meryl Streep) and her fiancèe Sky (Dominic Cooper) and on the run up to their wedding Sophie discovers from her mums diary from around the time she was born there is 1 of 3 potential fathers to walk her up the isle? What happens next? Watch it to see, perfect film for a night in full of laughs, loves and lyrics!

Dirty Dancing
The classic of all classics, if you don't know the line "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" you've clearly never watched this film, and shame on you!! Frances "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) - goes on a family trip were she becomes involved with the camps dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) who's world is worlds away from hers. Things look up for the pair when Baby becomes Johnny's dance partner after his former dance partner falls ill (all explained in the film) however this relationship isn't approved of by Baby's father who bans her from seeing him but as if that's going to stop a lady in love. I'm not afraid to label this the best love story about! Best for a cute night in where you and your best friends are sharing your relationship troubles. 

P.s I Love You
Prepare to break your heart crying, I'm not even kidding! Thought "The Notebook" was sad? You thought wrong, this is the one I cried my eyes out to - and also one of my favourite films of all time without a doubt. The basics - Holly (Hilary Swank) is married to the hottest Irish man to walk the earth in the form of Gerry (Gerrard Butler) in this love story. Like all couples they bicker and moan but Holly would have that back in a minute after she loses the love of her life to an illness, with no-one to comfort her as well as he would have done it's a good job forward thinker Gerry has wrote a list of letters for Holly to keep her going in life. As far as her mum and sisters are concerned these letters aren't doing her any justice cause they are keeping her in hope of Gerry's return but Holly thinks otherwise , with each letter coming every passing day will Holly ever be able to move on? With every letter signed off "P.s I Love You" you're going to have to watch and see.

Hope you enjoyed this random spur of the moment post - I know these films may not be to everyones taste but they're films I enjoy. If you have any you enjoy that you would like to share with me be sure to leave a comment which I'll reply to as soon as I see it.

Natalie xx


  1. All of these films are great and so easy to watch. I watched Coyote Ugly for the first time in ages the other day and loved it!

    Hannah x

    1. I think so too! Yeah it's been on the tv a lot the last few months, not that I'm complaining! haha

      Natalie xx

  2. Loveeeee Mean Girls, PS I Love You and Mamma Mia.. Three of my favourite films :D

    Now following you on bloglovin. xxx

    1. Yeah they're so good! Anyone that hasn't saw them is missing out big time.
      Thanks misses, I'll give you a wee follow also!

      Natalie xx


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