Saturday, 15 June 2013

This is literally my first EVER blog post - ahhh! As my first blog I thought I'd let you all know a bit about me, so here goes.

My name is Natalie (Catherine is my middle name hence the blog name), I'm 20 years young ;) and stay in Scotland, which tbf isn't all that fun! Random fact - I'm also probably the only Scot that hasn't watched 'Braveheart' the full way through, such a let down I know. Anyway.. my main point to creating a blog is that I've just recently completed my HND Beauty Therapy (not sure the English equivalent to that, sorry)! So anyway, I thought right it's officially my summer holidays and to keep me occupied whilst looking for a job how can I spend the rest of my time doing something beauty related? Tada, blogging obvs! The main blog posts will be reviewing make up that I have bought and make up looks which I have tried out for fun. I'll also throw in some random blogs about myself and things I've been up to.

Also I would like to state that all views/opinions in this blog are enitrely my own and I am only speaking from my own experiences with the products which I will speak about in my blog. However, if I happen to influence you into buying products which I speak about and they work for you then all is good! I know I have went out my way to buy products which I have saw reviewed by other bigger names out there in the blogging world and some have worked for me and some haven't done so quite as well but it's all about trial and error! I would also like to state not everything needs to be high end - the majority of the products I will speak about will be drug store products which I find just as good, if not better than some dearer products on the market.

Also, just for the sake of this blog I will state that my skin type is combination incase anyone wants to try out face products which I review.

       -update- I now have a job, yay! 

Hope you enjoy,

Natalie xx

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