Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day to day make up

For my first make up related post I thought I'd give you all a run down on the make up that I use daily, without fail. The majority of the products I use are from high street stores, and all bought from my own money - these products are my own preference and not all the products I use will suit your skin type/tone - this blog is just for fun, and if I help you make any beauty decisions then even better! 

This is the first and only primer I've ever used/tried and as it works for me I've stuck to using it - sometimes I forget to wear it though as with the foundation I use I don't find it an essential.

I have tried many foundations however I saw a review on this product and thought I'd give it a shot, I find this foundation long lasting and prefer it to dearer foundations which I also have - I think this is one I will stick with as I really like it, it's consistency is quite creamy and light, and I'm certain there is various shades available in this range. The shade which I use is 100 ivory. When I have fake tan on however, I tend to mix this with a small amount of MAC Studio Fix in NW18 as this product itself is too light for me with a tan.

Bronzing powder

Being from Scotland I'm naturally quite pale so I find bronzing powder is a must have, one which I always come back to is this one by Fake Bake, the only down side to this is I'm certain they only have the one shade which is quite sad as it's a great product and also has small glittery particles in it for shimmer (which you can't see in this picture), and it's paraben free, yay! (as are all Fake Bake products).


L'Oreal volume million lashes - gives the best volume and length to the shortest of lashes, doesn't clog the lashes up either which is a bonus, also even though I have dark features I tend to wear brown/black mascara instead of just black, not sure why just a preference which I have.

I know it's totally dirty but as you can tell this product is well used, my eyebrows being drawn in (or in my case, shadowed in) is a must in my beauty routine, and I tend to make my eyebrows quite a bit thicker and square them off. Jane Iredale make up is the make up which I was trained in at college and is mineral based, I wouldn't normally use mineral products as I find they don't give much coverage but I LOVE Jane Iredale products, especially this one, and just ordered another one through my college just before I left. They only have a brown and blonde in the range. I use the brown one. There is also a wee wax in the kit and 3 brushes along with the shadow!

I don't tend to wear eyeshadow on a day to day basis however if for some reason I were to, it would be a brown smokey eye, the eyeshadows which I use are from this palette from ebay, but I do have the odd random ones which aren't in this palette.

Daily I don't tend to wear lipstick but just usually lipgloss, again this is another Fake Bake product and doesn't have a name to link it to however, I'd call it bubblegum as it smells like it so much I could eat the lipgloss! It's not too severe and gives off a lovely shine!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Natalie xx

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