Monday, 17 June 2013

25 Things About Me

1) Lets start off with a obvious one.. my name is Natalie 
2) My hair is naturally wavy
3) I'm unhealthily obsessed with professor green (it's verging on creepy) 
4) Annie and Green Street are my favourite films - no difference, eh? haha
5) Malteasers are my all time favourite sweetie
7) I left high school to go to college to study Beauty Therapy when I was sixteen
8) Purple is my favourite colour and always has been (lilac to be precise)
9) Beyonce Heat Rush is my signature perfume
10) I constantly win concert tickets - if only I was as lucky at the lottery ;)
11) I attended the Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert and Garden Party in 2012 (Yip you guessed it, I won those tickets)
12) I collect magazines - not sure why I just don't like throwing them away and I buy around 4 a week
13) I always get told by people that they like my eyebrows - this makes me smile :)
14) I would go back to the 90s if I could - the music was much better back then haha
15) I am HND qualified in Beauty Therapy
16) My eyes are my favourite feature
17) The yankee candle which I like best is vanilla cupcake
18) Prawn cocktail crisps are my favourite flavour of crisp 
19) I have a big brother
20) I believe I suffer from insomnia (it's 02:35 uk time as I type)
21) I have had braces on my top teeth and had my full set of teeth whitened twice
22) I'm addicted to reality tv
23) I have a scar on my arm from my bone coming out when I was younger after falling
24) I'm constantly singing - even though I'm rubbish at it
25) Always taking pictures of things!

Love, N xx

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